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Vänö Vänner

The association was registered in 1992 and is based on the small island of Vänö. One of its main aims is to create a platform for cooperation between year-a-round inhabitants and holidaymakers on the island in a sustainable environment. Vänö Vänner also wishes to support the economical and cultural growth of the island. The association arranges Summer events and activities, association trips and is involved in different international networks with other island associations.

The board members in 2023 are:

  • Pirjo Hoffström (chairperson) 
  • Martin Björnström, (vice-chairman)
  • Marika Modig (treasurer)
  • Nicole Mattsson (secretary)
  • Petra Gripenberg (board member)
  • Mikaela Venberg (board member)
  • Nina Ekholm-Wenberg (board member)
  • Rasmus Hoffström (board member)
  • Bettina Stenbäck (board member)

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Here you can read the newest Vänö Allehanda. (In Swedish and Finnish)

Do you want to become a member? Contact a board member/via our FB and/or just pay the membership fee. It's 15 euros for adults (>18 years) and 7,50 euros for children (≤ 18 years), it can be paid into the account:

IBAN: FI64 2446 1800 1241 21

NOTE! The name, year of birth, address and email address of EVERYONE you are paying for should be in the message field.