Upcoming events 2024

21.6-17.8.2023 Vänö Art Summer at the Culture house

Vänö vänner is inviting all artists and hobbyists and amateur artists to exhibit their work at the Culture house this Summer. There will be an exhibition opening event on Midsummer's eve June 21st  and the exhibition will be open until August 17th 2024. 

21.6 Midsummer

Opening of art exhibition at the Culture house at 4 pm, Pop-up café, live music, mingling.

3.7 The Vänö Day

Activities in the port starting from noon (fish soup, waffles, games for children).
Music by Jimmy Träskelin and Spelmän OHOJ! both during the day in the port and in the evening at the Culture house.
The ferry makes an extra drive from Kasnäs 11.00 to Vänö and back 15.00.

3.7 Paper flower course

Teacher Maria Vuorenjuuri. 

16.7. The Archipelago Sea Biosphere day at the Culture house

19.7. Vänö Vänner annual meeting, Future workshop

20.7 Wooden boat day

Trip with wooden boats to a secret destination starting at noon. In the evening there will be a dancing event to the music of Polina & co.

23.7 Vänö Ohoj! Folkmusic sailing tour 

26.7 Communion and sing along event

Communion at the chapel at 2 pm with priest Julia Lundsten.
Sing along event at 4 pm at Strandhugget with Anton Nervander.
The parish serves coffee and something sweet.

28.7. Concert with music of Lasse Mårtensson

30.7. Vänö Ohoj! Folk music sailing tour

31.8 The Night of Ancient Bonfires and Finnish Nature Day

The Night of Ancient Bonfires and a concert at the Culture house with Spelmän OHOJ! There will also be a storytelling café about rock carvings.